A strong sense of direction needed.

Export sector is emerging as a crucial component of Nepal’s economy. In order to boost exports, there is a need to set up sector-wise specialized economic zones (SEZ)for exporting to India, Tibet, tourism zones in places like Ilam etc. Fund for customized incentive packages to locals and for infrastructure costs can be raised through bonds. […]

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Leadership Principles

As the future leaders of this country, this is a time in our history when it is critical that we act as one nation, undivided. This is a time when Nepalese must show our true colors-not black, white, red, yellow, or brown, but red, white, and blue. Patriotism, development, and diversity are not competing priorities, […]

भारतसँग आर्थिक सहकार्य आवश्यक

नेपालमा ऐतिहासिक परिवर्तन भएको छ । राजतन्त्र हटेर गणतन्त्र स्थापना भएको छ । नयाँ संविधान लेखन र बहुप्रतिक्षित शान्ति प्रकृया पूरा गर्ने काम भईरहेको छ । १५ वर्ष लामो सशस्त्र आन्दोलनपछि भएको परिवर्तनपछि पनि अहिले रहेको अस्थिर र विग्रिएको राजनीतिक वातावरण सही बाटोमा ल्याउनु एउटा चुनौतिपूर्ण विषय हो । अनि अर्को आवश्यक्ता अलस शासनको हो […]