KATHMANDU, Sept 16: Renowned industrialist and lawmaker Binod Chaudhary has asked the politicians not to politicize the budget proposal floated by the government in the parliament.

“Economy and politics are two different things,” he said during the special hour of the parliament. “Politics is euphemism for power struggle, while economy seeks stability and continuity of policies for positive growth.”

He also called upon politicians to take a leaf out of the success stories of our neighboring countries, India and China, which he said had become successful because of competent leaders and private sector.

“But in Nepal private sector is always viewed with suspicion and never receives government´s support,” Chaudhary said. “Because of this there is discontentment and investors are shying away from pouring money.”

He said the country can never attract investment and ensure sustained economic growth without presence of a powerful government.

“Hollow commitments do not attract investment,” he said, adding: “To win the confidence of investors, the government must formulate policies accordingly and ensure their implementation.”