Chaudhary Group has actively invested in the community for over two decades under the tutelage of Mr. Binod Chaudhary. Chaudhary was taught as very early the value of working hard and public responsibility. The CG Foundation was thus setup to enhance Chaudhary Group’s contributions to the society.

He is one of the most avid philanthropists, directing his efforts so as to have a significant impact on the fields of education, health, sports and youth empowerment. Besides founding CG Foundation Mr. Chaudhary, most often contributing quietly and without fanfare, supports other causes like arts and literature and social services that help lessen poverty and improve living conditions for the average person in the local community.

Through CG Foundation, his initiatives in Nawalparasi has been directed to improve and develop the economy and well being of the local community and aided in the fields like education, micro-enterprise building, health, and environment. A health facility, CG Medicare, is set up at Chaudhary Udyog Gram (CUG) that provides primitive, preventive and curative medical facilities to its manpower and the locals. Medicare treats approximately 3,000 patients a year and has a 24-hour ambulance service in operation. As early as 1994, CG Foundation has been contributing to the field of Art and Literature through Shree Lunkaran Das-Ganga Devi Chaudhary Academy for Arts and Literature. The academy lends support to Nepal’s great living treasures-her artistes in music, literature, and arts.



Gyan Uday Scholarship

CG Foundation has contributed widely to education; the most noteworthy of all is the Gyan Udaya scholarship that was created in 2008 to provide recognition and motivation for further studies to intelligent and needy students graduating SLC from community schools in villages of Nawalparasi district. The scholarship carries certification of appreciation and scholar-ship amount. Till date, this scholarship has supported 351 students.

Samata Siksha Niketan

CG Foundation supported Samata Siksha Niketan, a local community school at Kawasoti, Nawalparasi, as a major contributor to its program and infrastructure by providing a financial support of Rs. 3.5 million under its “Gyan Uday–Educated Nepali, Prosperous Nepal Program”.


Leadership and Service learning for 10 Schools within Kathmandu Valley in partnership with Anuvuti: CG’s vision is not only to connect the students and the community but also to involve educational institutes in this process to create a platform of active education for the youth while simultaneously addressing the concerns, needs and hopes of communities. This project delivered service learning to 200 students chosen from various government schools.


Project KASAM (Kalikot Sanitary Management)

Sponsored by the CG Foundation, KASAM was an initiative undertaken to improve health and sanitation in the remote village of Bali in Kalikot, by constructing sustainable double pit latrines.

CG Operation Drishti

CG Operation Drishti was launched in partnership with HelpAge International, to provide eye care services to under privileged individuals who face blindness due to cataracts. It has organized 11 camps in Baglung, Gulmi, Morang, Sunsari, Kapilbastu, Nawalparasi and Kathmandu treating 7,451 eye patients and providing basic eye treatment to 5,390 patients. It has conducted a total of 1153 cataract surgeries between


The CG Foundation believes that sports can bridge socioeconomic gaps and can improve individual lives. Sports provide a unique way towards physical and mental fitness, developing leadership skills, a sense of fair competition, enhanced self-esteem, and an appreciation of team spirit and teamwork. It can animate a community and bring them together, serving as a catalyst for social and economic progress.


The CG Foundation believes in the strength of individuals and their ability to build enterprises by supporting various women empowerment and leadership development programs, youth self employment and vocational trainings, mobilization of local farmers, providing financial supports to various co-operatives, which would help them gain opportunities in the market.




The CG Foundation initiated the GenNep program in partnership with Himalayan Climate Initiative. The GenNep program is working towards building that essential ‘nation first- character’ in Nepali youth. It provides a broad set of guidelines for the youth to operate and devise their own path of action in ways that suits the 21st century youth of Nepal. It works with the belief that by engaging with Nepalese all caste, creed and religion, the Nepali youth will be able to help build their nation, and eventually build their own future. The GenNep program seeks a group of doers thriving to be the leaders of tomorrow. A 5,000 strong volunteer group will be formed from a network of 50 high schools and colleges in Kathmandu.


CG Foundation recently collaborated with the Yunus Center to establish a new joint venture to form a Social Business Fund (SBF) and to undertake collaborative activities in Nepal to help alleviate poverty through various social business endeavors. On this collaboration, Chaudhary says “So much more to learn here under the Yunus Centre, so much more to follow. Happy that such a meaningful and rewarding mission is moving forward.”